A Plexilux® skylight?

The integration of a Plexilux® skylight in your roof construction gives a wealth of natural light and fresh air (if one opts for an opening model).
Depending on the building, we, PLEXILUX®, the only manufacturer in Limburg since 1952, can offer you the best offer from our range of spherical and pyramidal domes (only on request), which can be made single-, double- and 3-walled.

product information

Raw materials from PLEXILUX® skylights:
Our skylights consist of high-quality CAST POLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE (PMMA) and POLYCARBONATE, in clear or opal (sun protection) version.
Manufacturing capabilities of skylights:
PLEXILUX opts for CAST ACRYLIC (thermoelastic) is manufactured between special gas plates, whereby a STRESS-FREE product is delivered through the polymerization process.
This is in stark contrast to ECSTRUCTED ACRYLIC (thermoplastic) that is manufactured between roller rollers, allowing the material to cool down faster and thereby create inner tension. These inner tensions will cause the dome to lose transparency and strength over time and therefore be less durable.

What are stands?
The stand forms a perfectly watertight transition between roof construction and dome.
Depending on its function, the PLEXILUX® stand can be made of PVC, polyester (price on request) or metal (price on request).

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