The ventilation window ensures that outside of light there is also a supply of air possible is. It is placed between dome and stand are manufactured. PVC or aluminium.

Opening domes can also be used as flight window or can a provide access to a flat roof.


Electro spindle opening

230 volt motor: serves only for ventilation. This system is used for ventilation of hard-to-reach places. The operation is done by a switch.

Electro motor 230 volts with accessories.
Open-close switch.

230 volt motor with melting lead 70°: serves for ventilation and fire safety. This system can be used for ventilation on the one hand and on the other hand the dome opens automatically at 70° (smoke hatch). The aluminium fire frame is equipped with gas pressure springs, starter springs and a melting lead of 70°.

Aluminium fire frame with gas pressure springs, starter springs and melting lead 70°.

If necessary, you can also connect a 230 volt motor with switch (ventilation).
4 motors can be operated per power station.


In this case, one can open the ventilation window with a maximum opening of 35 cm by means of a turning stick (1.5 m to 3 m).

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