Self-supporting profiles

The ideal profiles to create a terrace covering: aluminium powder coated All RAL colours possible maintenance-freeeasy self buildable, fully tailor-made and sawn in miter.


Important to know

Since the surface of a terrace is different for everyone, both the profiles and the polycarbonate sheets completely cut to size. The whole is prepared in an expert way so that the do-it-yourselfer can also build up his roof with a minimum of effort.

As a roofing material you can choose from different polycarbonate sheets:

  • no sun protection effect: clear
  • 35% sun protection effect: opal or milky white
  • 70% heat-resistant effect: ventian 9-walled, 16 mm to 32 mm thickness.

In the intermediate profiles (A 101) atmospheric custom-made LED lighting can be fully installed with the wiring and transformers being invisibly embedded in the profiles.